The Danish Pioneer — founded in 1872 and still going strong!

The Danish Pioneer is a familiy-run Danish-American newspaper in the US, founded in 1872. This video is an interview with (Publisher) Elsa Steffensen & (Editor) Linda Steffensen. Enjoy! presents: It’s all about Danes in America!

Here’s an ‘open-faced sandwich’ of what you’ll find on, a growing online platform for all things Danish-American and Awesome.

Meet the talented Mads Tolling, performing “Rødgrød med fløde” for his American fans

Meet my friend Mads Tolling — an amazing young musical talent who is enjoying great success in the US. Listen to his original composition, “Rødgrød med fløde”. (Pronounce that and you are a true Dane!) He conveniently re-named the piece “Danish Dessert” for his American audience. For more info about Mads go to

Er du en Dansker i USA? Vær med i vores næste video. (english captions)

Hvis du er dansker og bor i USA, så er dette noget for dig. Vær med i den næste video på Se mere information her:

(All 1st, 2nd and 3rd (etc.) generation Danes are more than welcome to participate in this fun little project. If you feel you belong, you do!)

Modern Danish Vikings Sailing on the San Francisco Bay

Join me on a beautiful trip through the San Francisco Bay. Admire the East Bay & Golden Gate bridges. Look for the dolphins, and watch just how masterfully I handle the ship (with Morten, our Captain’s superb supervision, of course).

A special ‘Thank You’ to Morten for the trip, and to Karen Segal for the beautiful music.
(Also, thank you to Anja for filming me during my big moment!)🙂

For information about Karen Segal and her music at

Also visit

Classic Party Rentals

This is a video I made for Classic Party Rentals (
It contains both time-lapse and footage shot from a drone quadcopter.
It’s was filmed on the USS Hornet in Alameda, CA. over two days.
I had a great time working on this project.
Thank you to Sean for bringing me in for this. Also a thank you to Ray ( for shooting the drone footage.

No strings attached

I saw this guy playing music in Berkeley recently, using a theremin. Basically he’s playing without touching anything. Pretty fascinating stuff.